Pullandaye Brown

Pullandaye Brown


A beautiful soul was born January 19th, 1955 to Chin Sinanan Kangalee and Cumabarsie Jamoonie Hetai in the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  Pullandaye had an unbreakable bond with her parents and siblings. She was especially close to her sisters Diadiaye (deceased), Basdai, Samdaye and her youngest brother Chaitlal (deceased), together they were a force to be reckoned with.


Pullandaye lived a full life. She had many ups and downs as life would have it but everything she did was done with undeniable faith, love and grace.  At a very young age she lost her father and turned to God for strength.  She decided to make a choice that was met with much backlash from her family, she left the Hindu faith and took the path of a Seventh Day Adventist.  Her faith has been her foundation ever since.  


At the age of 16, Pullandaye married Beresford Maloney. Beresford wanted a better life for Pullandaye and her entire family. She left behind all that was familiar to her and made the journey to the United States.  Through her hard work and major support from her husband Beresford, she was able to bring her mother and her siblings to the US as well.  Once her  sister Samdaye was settled into her life here, Pullandaye returned to Trinidad to bring her beloved nieces to the States and reunite them with their mother.       Throughout her life, her servants heart and daily acts of kindness could be felt by all she encountered. Her spirit was so genuine, she lit up any room she entered and touched your heart with her beautiful smile.


Although, Beresford and Pullandaye’s marriage ended in divorce - her first 2 heartbeats were born, Deborah and Celeste. After picking up the pieces of her life, she moved to New Jersey and welcomed her third heartbeat, daughter Amelia was born.   Her 3 daughters were her reason to keep going everyday. She worked hard and instilled so many values in her girls teaching them that Faith in God would get them through anything life threw their way.  Stand on Faith, Be Kind, and Family is everything.  As a busy mother caring for her young daughters, things were not always easy.  God continued to bless and keep Pullandaye.


By the time baby Ameilia was 2,  she met the man that would become her husband, best friend and protector, Williford E. Brown Jr.  She affectionately called him “Papa” and when she wasn’t so happy with him, she in her own special way called him “Brother Brown”.  He knew he was in trouble.  They were a match made in heaven, he  has never left her side since the day they were married.  He loves her deeply and has cared for her daughters as if they were his own. Their life together was joyful and he dedicated his life to her, even neglecting his own health to remain by her side to the very end.  Their love for one another was  unconditional. Love is patient, Love is Kind and that is the love, “Papa”  has, to this moment for his beloved wife. 


This Earthly Angel we lovingly call Mommy, is the most wonderful, compassionate mother, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother we have all been blessed by.  The Joys of her life was her wonderful husband, raising her 3 beautiful daughters, spending time with her grandchildren and great granddaughter.


Heaven truly gained an Angel when the Father called her home and surely said,

“Well Done my Good and Faithful Servant, Well Done”. 

Mommy, we love you - until we laugh again, Rest in Peace and Power.


Pullandaye Brown passed over gently and peacefully on September 2, 2019 with her husband praying with her and  surrounded by her closest loved ones.  Her legacy will continue on in the lives of those who loved her deeply.  She is survived by her dedicated husband, Williford E. Brown Jr.,  her beloved daughters who undoubtedly taught her unconditional love; Deborah, Celeste and Ameilia.  Her precious grandchildren that put a sparkle in her eye;  her first grandson Kahlil, “Jelly Bean” opened her heart as Nana, Camille her “Princess”, Madison her “Booby” - who she and “Papa” have helped raise until her illness, Yoel her “Prince”, Yosiyah  “Baby” and her great Granddaughter Alicia “Twinkle Toes”.  She leaves behind her sisters and nieces that she loved deeply as well as church family and friends who meant the world to her.